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Buddy Before. This 12 week old American Bulldog mix was in a shelter.  Glenn Stevans at Crawmer's Animal Training is Buddy's person now.  Thank you Barb Nizinkirk for introducing Glenn to Buddy.  He was a little guy in this picture but 2 years later..........

Buddy After.  A beautiful adult dog Buddy is a 75 pound gem.  Excellent temperament, great with all the little dogs and birds at Crawmer's.  He is a tail wagger extreme.  He loves everyone and everyone loves him.  His trainer, Glenn Stevans, has a real gem!


Can you believe it?  The picture to the left was the transformation of the same dog on the right!  This emaciated, sad looking, standard poodle was found on the streets of Schenectady New York. Near starved to death when found, he is shown here resting in the yard after a few good meals. Animal shelter personnel did their best to clean him up but he, unfortunately, was a sad looking creature indeed!

Some vet care, a few more pounds on him and he started to feel a little better.

And then he got a home with Marcia Curran. He is shown here a few months after he was found on the street, loved and cared for by his owner and groomed at Crawmer's Grooming. And now THIS is.........RAYMOND!

What a difference a lot of love makes. Great job Marcia!

He feels like he looks! Fantastic!

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