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All Br​eed Pet


Pictured above is Peachie, one of Crawmer's own.  With more than 20 media appearances she may look familiar to you. 

 Over the years she has had multiple looks.  That is the fun of having a long haired dog.  Try a new haircut for your pet!!


Grooming is an art. Whether you have a purebred or a mixed breed your dog deserves a hairstyle that fits his personality. While basic things have to be done regularly such as nail trimming and ear care grooming is also an important part of a dogs life. Short hair dogs need regular bathing and brushing but the long coat dogs may require far more. It is amazing to see how a long hair dog can be transformed from an unkempt look into a showpiece. Each dog has a unique look when he leaves Crawmer's Grooming.   The beautiful shih tzu mix above is Crawmer's own Peachie.  If she looks familiar she should.  Peachie, a well established model, appeared many times on TV Channel 13 mid day news to show a number of grooming styles as well as a number of trained behaviors.  She appeared on the cover of the Hudson Valley Community College catalog for non-credit courses.  Mix breed dogs have many options for hairstyles.  At Crawmer's each dog is groomed to present  a look as unique as the dog himself.   

Lola is a 16 year old Pekingese

Lola is owned by the Mayer family.  She is one of our favorites!  She likes a short body coat, a big tail and a cute round head.  Just because you have a purebred dog doesn't mean that you are limited in creativity.  Short, long, somewhere in between, pick your style!  There are many reasons to shorten the coat of a breed not traditionally clipped.  Crawmer's Grooming can design something special for your dog that brings out his personality and makes it easier for you to maintain his coat.

Dr. Regan & Nicole Cradell

Walter is a poodle mix owned by Stacy Wolf. This boy has a show stopping personality and a look to match.

His round topknot and feet give him a teddy bear appearance. This is an easy style to maintain requiring minimal brushing at this length

Walter is unique and his hairstyle fits him


Harry Truman, a schnauzer mix, is shown here in one of his many signature looks. Looks familiar? You are right! He was a model for a ASPCA nationally distributed calendar. Harry, a good example of a mixed texture coat shows what can be done when grooming considers the unique aspects of a dog's personality and designs a haircut specifically for that individual.  Owner, Stacy Wolf.


Here comes Spidey!   Owned by Vicki Smith Grandin. This beautiful miniature poodle puppy is shown here exhibiting an excellent coat texture scissored to perfection.  The wonderful thing about a quality poodle coat is that he can have a different look every time he is groomed.  Long, short, in between.  Mustache, clean face, round feet or clean feet.  Nail polish, bows or hair colored for special events, or parties. Crawmer's Grooming is your dog's best friend when it comes to unique and stylish grooming!


 Poodle coats vary greatly in color, texture and length. It is possible to change hairstyles every time a poodle is groomed and never repeat exactly the same style throughout the poodles lifetime! Poodles were so popular at one point in history that poodles made up almost 100% of every grooming shops clientele! Catherine Crawmer started grooming at that point. The poodle clips were designated by names such as the Dutch Clip, Bolero, Sporting, Sweetheart. Every clip also had limitless variations.

There was a LOT of competition between grooming shops and the quality of the scissor work was incredible. Crawmer's is proud to say that the art of poodle grooming is alive and well in our shop. The bone structure of each dog matters greatly in the finished product. Today, unfortunately, one sees a lot of cookie-cutter trims all done with blade guards. Every dog looks the same! At Crawmer's Grooming you will see a far different standard of grooming. Scissor work is an art form and that art is fully appreciated by the clients of Crawmer's Grooming.

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 There are many mix breed dogs with lhasa apso and shih tzu in their pedigree. These coats are unique in that they can often mix a drop type coat with features of other breeds. Two coat textures on the same dog! What to do? At Crawmer's we look at the dog from every angle. The execution of a proper trim on a dog takes into consideration the unique aspects of a varied type of coat. The result, properly executed, will produce a look that is pleasing to all as well as practical.  Simon, the young miniature poodle,  shown here is owned by Crawmer's.

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Molly is a toy poodle at obedience class. She has a longer lamb trim which requires more brushing than a shorter hair length choice. With a long hair dog there is never a reason to be bored. There are so many choices.  Molly is owned by Carla Chiaro


Yes! A lot of rabbit owners find themselves with grooming needs beyond their capabilities. Nails on a rabbit may require regular trimming. Angora and other long hair rabbits can have need of specialized grooming care. Crawmer's has the experience and ability to handle your rabbit's grooming needs.  

Unique Looks For Unique Dogs

Alex is a terrier mix who wants to be short for the summer activities but he has an unusual ear placement.  When a pet has an unusual feature that asset can be showcased to present a look that really stands out.  Why should he look like everyone else?

Molly the bichon and  Rita

Rita and her bichon, Molly  

The nicest thing about a long haired dog like the bichon frise is that you have so many style choices.  Long one time and short the next is only the beginning.  There is the show length and style, of course but it is so much fun to get creative with the styles.  No reason to be bored.  You can try something different every time your long coated dog is groomed.  Come up with your own ideas or let the Crawmers Groomers design something special and unique that will fit your needs and your pet's personality!