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Glenn and Cathy of Dazzler Poodles

The people behind the poodles at Dazzler.  We are pictured here with Trixie the day she left with her new puppy parents.  We like to get pictures of the people and the puppy when they leave but the Roussalis family wanted to take a picture of us!

Dazzler Doris Dynamic

Mark and his new Dazzler Poodle puppy.  Nov 29, 2022  We are always happy to have our puppies go to a local home where we can follow their progress.  All Dazzler Poodles get a Crawmer's Animal Training basic obedience AND basic agility class.  Our advanced class is full of Dazzler Poodles!

Trixie and the Roussalis 

Trixie's new family flew in from Wyoming to get her.  What a happy picture.

An email from her new puppy parent:   Hello Cathy,   I can't tell you how happy we are with our new little puppy.  I think she has settled in nicely with us and seems very comfortable.  The kennel is working out very well and she has settled down for the night.  No whimpering, not nothing and no trying to climb out.  Our trip back was fine.  She did very well in the kennel playing with her new toys, and then settled down to sleep.  You could tell she was tired as she slept most of the way back.  We were all so happy to meet you and your husband and I know that I made a great choice in choosing one of your poodles......Cathy

Trixie at her new home in Wyoming

We at Dazzler Poodles spend a lot of time preparing our puppies for their new homes.  Glenn takes them in the car almost every day.  Going to the post office means taking puppies along.  As adults there is no car sickness or stress.  Puppies are handled by our grooming clients and are well socialized by the time they leave for their new families.  We know our efforts are appreciated by their new families who often write to tell us that the Dazzler Poodle puppy they got is the best puppy they have ever had.

Ember with the Church family in New Hampshire

Steve and Buddy 2022

Great when some of our puppies go to local homes.  Buddy is leaving after his grooming and is a member of the obedience class and an agility class star!

Mugsy and Kathy

Mugsy is one of our puppies who is local.  He is shown here after his grooming.  He is a star member of the Advanced obedience and Agility class

One of Dazzler Poodle prettiest silvers

with her owners in Pennsylvania  2021

Penny with the Lamberts after her grooming

Always a pleasure to have the opportunity to groom our local puppies

A lovely Dazzler puppy leaving with his new family

  • George and his family Marianne & Bill Molinari of Pennsylvania

Then George's family sent us a fruit basket! The fruit was shaped into flowers.  Beautiful!

Off to Wisconsin our puppy went after Daniel  picked him up at Albany Airport

Waiting for him back home  was Devyn who now adores him.  He is now a loved member of the Le Captain family